Any homage to Eduardo Barreiros would be divorced from his own history and era if there were not an exhibit space that could physically display the achievements of his work, tenacity and experimentation.
To that end, The Eduardo Barreiros Museum was inaugurated in 1998 in Valdemorillo (Madrid). It is a specialized example among museums of technology, and the first in Spain dedicated to an important figure in the automotive industry.
Its resources and the display of artifacts permit the visitor to discover the life and work of Eduardo Barreiros (1919 - 1992), a man who, from nothing, created one of the most important private companies that contributed to Spain’s industrial development in the 1950’s and 60’s.
The museum has an exhibit space of 800 square meters in which a permanent collection built on donations, purchases and family items is displayed. The museum also has an important archival collection.
The building, located in the countryside, is more than a mere exhibition space and is designed with great formal freedom, giving it the character of a sculpture. It is a concrete building “in situ” with large windows and iron beam carpentry.
But a museum is not only container and content. A museum is a living space and that is the reason for which The Eduardo Barreiros Museum was conceived: to be a living contribution to the education of future generations. It is also an interactive space where visitors can enter and touch different exhibited pieces, including cars, trucks and tractors, which makes it possible to understand the mechanic’s work of motor production in that era. There is even a demonstration diesel motor labeled EB6, which was originally given by Eduardo Barreiros to the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales (the Superior Technical School of Industrial Engineering of Madrid) in 1954 and which was subsequently given to the museum by the school in 1998. This motor allows the observer to understand the working of a diesel motor in its four cycles.
In its capacity as an interactive museum, on June 11, 2003, the Museum signed an agreement with the Organización Nacional de Ciegos de España (the National Organization of Blind Persons of Spain) (ONCE), with the objective of providing visually impaired persons with access to the world of mechanics. This new facet of the Museum required an adaptation of the installations and an adjustment of the distribution of the objects on display in order to facilitate the access of blind persons.
Museums dedicated to the automobile in Spain are few and relatively new. All pertain to the private sector and the only one located in the Community of Madrid is The Eduardo Barreiros Museum.
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